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Advantage Pilates were progressing well with their business but were looking to take things up a gear.  With plans for more classes and equipment they wanted to ensure that classes were full and that adding new instructors would not be a big mistake


We produced a new website that would increase their online presence so their site would bring customers to them.  We suggested they also brand themselves as a local Pilates centre, with a professional approach and as being suitable to all ages and fitness levels.

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The new Advantage Pilates website is a massive improvement over the old site. It is crisp, great images and the text covers all the bases by informing potential customers about what is available and how to proceed.

The owners are excited by the results, knowing that their new equipment will be paid for by their new customers.

When it comes to business the more you know the more successful you will be. The world is changing and business owners need to keep up or be left behind. Kodak left their run to late and look what happened! At Black Sheep we want to empower business owners with the knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the pack and not fall behind. Your customers have smart phones in their pockets, tablet PC’s and laptops and will use them before making a purchase. They will either find you, your products and services or find someone else. A Black Sheep seminar will give you valuable skills you can implement yourself to grow your business online.

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