DYO Dingo

  • Web Design


DYO Dingo is a Gladstone-based business that specialises in hiring out digging and earth moving equipment including a wide range of different attachments for different purposes.

The business owners Michelle and Mark have over 20 years of industry experience and by providing some basic training on the machinery they are able to help their customers complete their DIY projects themselves – they do not need to pay for the added expense of having a qualified operator. This competitive advantage, coupled with their simple three-step process for bookings provides their customers with a quick and simple solution.

DYO Dingo have built a strong reputation for themselves via word-of-mouth advertising, but as the business continues to grow, they needed an update to their online presence.


  • Create a fresh and professional online presence
  • Highlight the extensive range of equipment and the simple booking process
  • Provide customers with more detailed information about the machinery and its capabilities.


The end result for DYO Dingo is a well organised and informative website that provides a great user experience for all of their different customer segments, from professionals through to first-time users.  Every page ends with a clear call to action, directing users either to book their equipment or give them a call if there are any unanswered questions.

The website’s aesthetics fits well with the brand’s personality and the use of bold headings and clear icons / graphics makes locating information quick and simple.