Hi-Way Units Motel

  • Web Design


Hi-Way Units Motel is situated in Mackay and offers guests comfortable accommodation and great service in their 2 and 3 bedroom self-contained apartments.  They are a family owned, independent motel that has been well maintained despite being one of the oldest motels found in Mackay.

This business is unique in that their units are all designed specifically for families – they all sleep at least 5 people. They are also exceptionally well maintained and offer a level of comfort that in not usually expected from motels.

Motels are often associated with negative connotations, and Hi-Way Units Motel needed a new website that over-comes the negative associations and shows potential guests that their facilities are modern, clean and family-friendly.


  • Increase online bookings
  • Emphasis the business as being family-friendly
  • Website needs to be easy to browse and book from mobile devices


Our experience with working with other business in the hospitality industry has taught us that the consumer’s decision-making process is largely based on visual evidence – this means that when developing a new website for Hi-Way Units Motel, we knew that the site would need to be very visual and display lots of high-quality images of their facilities.

We also knew that the website would need to be responsive and mobile friendly because a large percentage of consumers browse potential accommodation options from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

The end product is a user-friend website full of great photos that emphasis the business’s spacious, clean and modern units. We designed the website in a manner that it looks and functions perfectly on mobile devices and every page features a ‘book now’ button to drive users to book online.