Would you pay money to watch slides at the cinema?

If you are looking for an effective online presence, then video is the way to do this. Research has found video to be 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined. If a customer visits your site, they are also 60% more likely to watch a video before reading any other text. Did you notice the video on our home page? Don’t be “sheepish” you did, didn’t you!
We have in-house professional video and edit services so add the power of video to your website or next marketing program.

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How we work

The first thing to do is give us a call or use our contact form and we will call you. During a quick chat we can work out what you think you need and how best we can help you. We can talk about your business issues and how Black Sheep can help you fix them.

You will love working with us as we discuss your business in more detail, budgets for what you want to achieve and how we will reach your business goals.

Go on, pick up the phone and call (07) 5345 5707 . You are so close to a better business.

“Research has found video to be 600% more effective then print and direct mail combined”

Why Us

Our services are available to all types and sizes of business. If you own a small business and just want a flyer produced, then we can help. Need a website that brings people to your door, yes that’s up our alley too. We can also design a full year email marketing and social media strategy linking back to an e-commerce web site, that’s our big impressive example btw.
So whether it is just you or you have a staff of 500 we are here to help you just the same.
Why not make that call now, may be the best thing you have done all week! Call (07) 5345 5707.

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