Flash Fibres

  • Web Design


Flash Fibres are an exciting new start-up business that is going to revolutionise the way that homeowners and businesses access the Internet on the Sunshine Coast.

The main problem that Flash Fibres was experiencing was that because they were a new business, going up against big industry players, they needed a strong brand and website that is easy to use and that makes it easy to understand what it is that they do and why their product is superior to existing solutions available on the market.

For Blacksheep Creative, it was a great opportunity to get on board with Flashe Fibres in the early stages of their business; it gave us the opportunity to advise them not only on their digital marketing strategy, but also on other areas of their business such as their pricing models and potential strategies for building their customer base.


  • Build a strong and recognisable brand
  • Promote their service in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Position this innovative new service as a viable option compared to established ISPs.


We started by looking at Flash Fibre’s competitive advantages and then used these to shape their branding package. Once the logo design was complete, we started work on their website – we needed to find a way to tone down the technical jargon and describe what the business offers in a way that is easy to follow and understand.

We started by highlighting their competitive advantages of low costs and unlimited data and pairing this information with imagery that informs the user that Flash Fibres caters to both commercial and residential clients.

We also added case studies to the website – this is an important element of the website as the brand and product are new and not well-known; reading about how their product improved the lives of others will help with consumer’s decision-making process.