Shadeland Shade Solutions

  • Web Design


Shadeland is a family owned and operated business with origins dating back to 1975; their Townsville-based company is an industry leader in the design and installation of shade solutions including blinds, awnings, outdoor umbrellas, cyclone shutters and shade sails.

Shadeland’s products and solutions are designed specifically for the North Queensland climate, making them more weatherproof and durable then other options available on the market. In addition to the high quality materials used, the company specialise in creating creative designs to complement any outdoor area or window.


  • Promote the custom-design process.
  • Emphasize the high quality materials that are used, product warranties and suitability for the North Queensland climate.
  • Present the brand as being industry leaders with a commitment to quality.


A major goal for the Shadeland website was to increase the quantity and quality of phone calls and enquiries that the business receives. By making resources such as a gallery portfolio, testimonials and FAQs easily available for potential customers to browse, we have ensured that customers who make enquiries are well informed and are ready to start considering designs and pricing.

By providing a clear step-by-step outline of the process that is involved in working with Shadeland, as well as highlighting their free quote service and easy access to a quick contact form, we have ensured that customers feel comfortable with calling or making contact with Shadeland.

The end result for Shadeland’s new web presence is a site that not only acts as an online brochure or portfolio, with high-quality images and examples of their work, but also as a 24-hour sales tool that drives users to enquire and book in for quotes or initial consultations.