Looking To Buy Art

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Looking To Buy Art is an online art gallery with a difference – they provide a platform for independent Australian artists to connect with art collectors and consumers. It is a multi-sided platform that allows the artists to list their works for a monthly subscription fee, as opposed to charging an exorbitant commission fee for each individual piece.

For consumers, the business provides an impressive catalogue of thousands of quality and unique art pieces, all in one location. It is a quick and simple way to browse through the work of hundreds of local artists to find the perfect piece for your collection.


  • Create an online portal that connects Australian artists with global art collectors.
  • Develop a secure e-commerce platform that is capable of handling large transactions.
  • Establish a digital catalogue of products that is searchable via different criteria such as price range, size, medium or artist.


The Looking To Buy Art website is a multi-sided platform that needs to appeal to both parties – the artists and the consumers. We needed to develop a portal that enabled artists to subscribe to different monthly package options and then list their art work on the website. At the same time, there needed to be a very user-friendly way for consumers to browse through the listed artwork and find what they are looking for.

The end result achieved all of this plus more – Blacksheep Creative created an attractive but simple website that drives consumers straight to the catalogue and encourages them to browse. For artists, the subscription process if very quick and simple and comes with the incentive of a free trial.

The platform highlights the hard work of the artists and provides them with a level of freedom that they do not receive on other digital galleries, while the consumers benefit by being provided access to a wider range of products for lower prices.