Townsville Demolition

  • Web Design


Townsville Demolition is a business operating in the construction and excavation industry. They provide a wide range of services, from asbestos removal and machinery hire, through to house removal and of course, demolition services.

The business was established in 1978 by two mates with a couple of utes and pinch bars, and has since grown to boast an impressive client portfolio including the City Council, QBuild QRail, WAT-PAC and more. Their resources have also grown to include advanced machinery and their services are fully accredited and meet all safety requirements.

After three decades of continual growth and development, Townsville Demolition needed to bring their website and digital presence up to speed with the off-line elements of the business.


  • Provide website visitors with information on all of their services.
  • Catalogue the range of items that they have available for resale at the Townsville Demolition recycling yard.
  • Create a projects portfolio to accurately display the scope of work that Townsville Demolition is capable of.


A major goal of the updated Townsville Demolition website was to effectively display their wide range of services – as the business has grown, they have added more services to their repertoire that are not easily identifiable from their business name alone. Therefore, we were tasked with informing the user of the additional services such as asbestos removal and machinery hire as soon as they land on the website. We achieved this with the use of custom-designed graphics and a large slider on the home page.

In addition to highlighting the range of services that Townsville Demolition offer, the client also wanted to drive foot traffic to their recycling yard where they resell a lot of used and vintage items. A large banner on the home page and internal website pages links through to a landing page that lists some of the items that visitors are likely to find at the yard, and encourages users to call if they are looking for a specific piece.

A projects portfolio and gallery tie the services pages together and results in website visitors receiving a comprehensive view of exactly how Townsville Demolitions can help them with their next residential, commercial or industrial project.