Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning

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Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning are different to a standard mechanic in that they commit all of their training, resources and investment in tools towards being specialists in repairing, replacing and fitting gear boxes and all of their related parts such as clutches, differentials and drive lines.

In addition to providing mechanical services, Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning carry a wide range of stock including spare parts and exchange gearboxes which are available to be shipped anywhere in Australia.

As specialists in such a unique field of vehicle mechanics, it is important that the business has a strong reputation for quality workmanship and knowledgeable staff.


  • Build on Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning’s existing reputation to ensure that they are Townsville’s preferred mechanics for all gearbox-related mechanical jobs.
  • Highlight both the mechanical services as well as the wide range of spare parts and exchange gearboxes that are available to be shipped out Australia-wide.
  • Advertise their discounts and priority services for mining and fleet maintenance for commercial clients.


When designing and developing the new Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning website, we ensured that there was a strong emphasis placed on the knowledge, years of industry experience and qualifications that the team possess. We highlighted their free quote service and willingness to provide advice or work with out of town mechanics to solve customer’s problems.

By making their stock catalogue for parts and gearboxes available online, customers are now able to determine if Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning have the parts that they require before picking up the phone. There is also a clear call to action for all commercial clients informing them of the benefits of working with Townsville Gearbox Reconditioning for their fleet’s maintenance.