Home and Renovations Warehouse

  • Web Design


Home and Renovations Warehouse carries a wide range of products required for home renovations such as windows, doors, bathroom cabinets, fencing and more. In addition to supplying products, they also provide a design and cabinet making service, making them a one-stop-shop for anyone who is considering renovating their home.

The huge range of products and services that the business has on offer can be overwhelming to potential customers and also difficult to organise and navigate through on their existing website. Home and Renovations Warehouse wanted a clean and user-friendly website that displayed the quality and range of their products but ultimately led to the customer visiting their physical location.


  • Find a quick and simple manner to organise all of the different products and services that the business offers.
  • Direct users to the information quickly and simply without overwhelming them with the huge variety of choices.
  • Encourage users to visit the showroom location to view the full range of products and speak with a helpful and qualified team member.


The development of the new Home and Renovations Warehouse focused heavily on re-organising their products and services in a user-friendly manner. Initial market research indicated that the most logic way to organise the content on the website would be by room – users can click on a ‘Kitchen Renovations’ button and access all of the products and services that they are likely to need.

An interactive floor plan on the home page also assists website visitors with determining whether Home and Renovations Warehouse provide the product or service that they are looking for and directs them to the relevant page with more information.

A gallery as well as hero images on all of the content pages give customers a clear indication of the high quality products and design capabilities of the business, resulting in higher levels of visitors to their physical location.